Digirad SL was founded in 2004 by a team of specialist engineers in digital radiography applications with an overall experience of 25 years in the field of digital imaging. Digirad founders come from the company Sering Soft SA, which develops digital radiography system activity since 1991, and remains a foundational component of Digirad SL.

Digirad has two main objectives since its foundation: innovation in digital radiography, and development of solutions with a strong value added, with software development and imaging grayscale our most important activity.

During these years Digirad has developed specific solutions in the fields of industry and security, integrating the best capture devices from scanners CR phosphor plate to the current flat panels. All our solutions are based on intuitive software developed and supported 100% by Digirad, and include specific modules that have been requested by our main customers. Thus our solutions anywhere in the various areas are mentioned: i-rad ©, i-rad Direct © for NDT Industry; sec-rad © for Security application.

Opposite to other companies which try to adapt medical software to NDT applications, Digirad create software solutions for NDT and designed to meet the highly demanding requirements of the NDT Level III industry.

Digirad continues with its compromise to provide the highest and latest standard on digital technology and customer support by working hand to hand with NDT and Security industries and organizations such as ASNT, ASME, NUREG, EPRI, AFNOR, EN, CE Normative.